Our People Our Lovely Staff Members


Anna is the owner of the cafe and a fantastic hostess who has a brilliant smile and personality just to brighten your day. Anna has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and continues to find it a wonderful industry to work in. When she isn't serving you, Anna loves to sip a latte and savour the delicious flavour.


As an award winning pastry chef, Josh's creativeness and passion for good food permeates every dish that is served. Making all our own bread, pastries and sweets, he strives to create delicious dishes that develops loyalty with customers who care about good, honest food.


Chris is our apprentice chef. His passion for sumptuous and unique foods and desire to learn new culinary skills adds flavour to our kitchen. He loves a great iced coffee anytime of year - reflecting his cool and calm approach to the sometimes hectic life of a chef.


Kate is another of our baristas and loves to make deliciously smooth coffee. She loves to sit back and enjoy a flat white every now and then, however the cafe life affords few and little breaks.