Our History Little about the Inside Cafe


Situated in the Launceston CBD at 10 - 14 Patterson St, Inside Cafe's home has a wonderful history. The building was first rated in 1880 and was used as a warehouse and showroom. Looking around the cafe you can still see the magnificent brick and stone work that has lasted more than 130 years and no doubt seen the city change and grow. The building has had many uses over its life, most of them being as shops or offices. Now the Inside Cafe and Inside Home and Gifts call it their home.

Inside Stores

The inside story started as a passion in the hearts of a few for a gift store that offered shoppers the chance to purchase high quality, sustainable and unique gifts that might otherwise not be available. This passion saw the development of a small store in Hobart that stocked a range of gift items. The quick success of the store showed that many in the community also shared this passion.

From there the store grew and the opportunity to open on in Launceston arose. This time another passion also wove its way into the store - the desire for good, honest and wholesome food. Butter, not margarine, real milk, not highly processed white liquid, a value on fresh and local ingredients as well as keeping the flavours simple yet amazing. In Launceston both the cafe and the gift store opened in the spring of 2012.

Again the community response was overwhelming - people wanted that simple and wholesome food as well as great coffee. That is the journey so far - where will it take us next?